About Me


Cozy, Delicious is written by me, Katie, from my old, ailing laptop in my cute little house here in Connecticut.  If my house were ever engulfed in flames, the only thing I would save (besides my husband, of course) is my grandmother’s recipe card collection. She taught me to cook, and when I’m in my kitchen I feel close to her.

I started this blog because I missed the feeling of sitting at my grandmother’s white formica table, eating a brownie, sipping cold milk.  You probably know that feeling.  It’s warm and cozy, delicious and carefree.  Rifling through her recipes, rolling out cookie dough, filling my own kitchen with the scents of roasting meat and simmering soup, bring back a bit of that feeling. In sharing recipes and stories, I hope that I can bring you a bit of that feeling too.

But that feeling is elusive.  After a long day of work, who has time to spend hours at the stove?  And while I adored my grandmother’s brownies and briskets, her cookies and casseroles, my continuing effort to shrink (as opposed to expand) my waistline can put a damper on the comfort food sometimes.  So I get that feeling in where I can, stealing snippets of coziness and bits of all that is delicious in between the quick and the healthy and the real.  Sure, a lazy Sunday happens once in a while, producing  a cheesecake or a batch of homemade pierogis. However, Cozy, Delicious is about finding my grandmother’s kitchen through the maze of business trips and household chores, errands to do and family to see. This is real life and it’s tasty!

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