Summer Things

I’m sitting here, curled up on the sofa with a fuzzy blanket, eating a warm and comforting bowl of chili.  We didn’t lose power as expected, but still, this storm has propelled me into fall behaviour.  Clearly, while I was busy picking paint colors for the hallway and perusing catalogues for dining room chairs, and imagining ways to rework the landscaping in our new backyard, summer happened.  And now it’s almost over.  Next weekend marks the unofficial official end of the season, and I’m not ready.

I’m still hooked on zucchini, and craving corn.  I guess I need to cram as much summer flavor as I can into the coming days.  In case you’re feeling the same way, below are some of my favorite summer recipes, worthy of one last hurrah, and also lovely additions to a Labor Day BBQ spread.

zucchini and eggplant stew

Easy Ratatouille

Perfect for using up those summer veggies,  this simple ratatouille is delicious over grilled chicken or fish, and wonderful at room temperature tossed with cooked pasta for a veggie-filled pasta salad.

watermelon juice drink

Watermelon Basil Martini

Pretty and pink!  This refreshing summer drink is fantastic for a labor day BBQ. You can make a big pitcher and let your guests help themselves.

chocolate malt

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Malt

To me, malts and milkshakes scream summer.  Enjoy a malt from a huge glass with a bendy straw for an old-school treat.  Or try serving them in little shot glasses for a really fun BBQ dessert!

tomato bread salad


I spend August in pursuit of perfect tomatoes. And once those tomatoes arrive, using them in every possible dish becomes my mission!  This simple panzanella salad is lovely and easy and full of fresh flavor.

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  1. Love those basil and watermelon martinis! And the serving glasses. So cool !
    Haven’t made panzanella in a while…should at least make one before pumpkin season arrives.

  2. great summer recipes and so pleased you are safe hope you enjoy the polenta crusted green tomato recipe

  3. I’m so sad that summer is almost over. It’s getting chilly here in Toronto. 😦

    The recipes look fab, especially the watermelon basil martini, how refreshing!

  4. Nothing beats te flavours of summer…fresh, refreshing …I love your summary above – love panazella – so easy to put together and totally delish…


  5. I don’t want summer to end either. I love tomatoes as much as you do and could eat them everyday of my life. Great panzanella salad you have there.

  6. These look great and I hate to see the summer gone, even though the temperatures in my area were over 105F every single day (it is a record), but at least no hurricane!!

  7. What a wonderful..end of summer post:) Thank you~

    Love your presentations too..

  8. Everything looks great…really love the Ratatouille 🙂
    It’s been hot lately so does not feel much like the end of summer…

  9. I want that martini so much, Katie. 🙂 I’m very happy I’m heading to Australia just in time for summer so I can make this right away. 🙂

  10. Fall behavior is totally warranted in times of hurricanes. All of this food looks so good!

  11. Looks my list of things to make before it gets cold just got longer! It seems like we will have very hot weather for a lot longer in Texas so I have plenty of time. Yum!

  12. I’m not ready for fall. Seattle is just now getting some summer weather. I have yet to make Panzanella. It looks delicious. I’ll add it to my must make list!

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