Pomegranate Week Begins: Pomegranate Vodka

pomegranate vodka

Thanks to the folks at POM Wonderful I am swimming in pomegranates!  Next weekend I’m hosting a pomegranate-themed dinner party, so not to worry, these four dozen (yes!  four dozen!) beautiful crimson fruits will get gobbled up.  But since I’m all about relaxed entertaining, the cooking will get done bit by bit all week long.  So welcome to pomegranate week!

pomegranate vodkaAs far as I’m concerned, a good party starts with a great drink. Around here we tend to think of vodka as a blank canvas.  Remember back over the summer when we made martinis with watermelon juice and basil infused vodka? (If not, check out the recipe here) Well, basil isn’t the only thing we’ve stuck in a bottle of vodka – cinnamon sticks, chili peppers, citrus peels, coffee beans.  You name it, we’ve tried it. 

But the bright pink color of this pomegranate vodka makes it by far the most fun of all our creations.  Pomegranate vodka makes an awesome martini and is fantastic with a splash of orange juice. But I’m thinking that come Saturday evening we’ll just be sipping it chilled from tiny little glasses. In any case, it’s also a beautiful holiday gift.  A nice glass bottle, maybe a little ribbon, you get the idea.

pomegranate vodkaDon’t waste your money on pricey vodka for this.  Actually, I’m not one for pricey vodka period.  In grad school I had a marketing professor who used vodka to prove a point. As if her miniskirts and Russian accent weren’t enough, in-class vodka drinking certainly guaranteed attendance among my mostly male classmates.  We did a blind taste test of more than a dozen brands at various price points and among 150 students not one of us could separate the top shelf from the bottom of the barrel.  All of which is to say that cheap vodka plus pomegranate arils makes for a lovely libation. 

Pomegranate Vodka

2 large pomegranates

250 ml Vodka

Seed one of the pomegranates: slice off the ends of the fruit, score the skin in wedges, and over a bowl of water, open the pomegranate and remove the arils (the seeds).  The arils will sink and the pith will float, making them easy to separate.  Combine the arils with the vodka in a bottle.  Let sit 5-7 days, turning upside down every so often.  Strain the vodka, seed the remaining pomegranate, and combine the arils with the strained vodka.  Let sit again for at least 3 days before straining and serving.

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  1. That’s a fantastic idea!

  2. You had me at vodka. But this is so pretty, I actually bookmarked the recipe.

  3. I love the idea of making Pom infused vodka! I’ve been enjoying Pom Cosmos ever since receiving my Pom Wonderful so this sounds perfect!

  4. Yay for pomegranate week! Great start–I can think of lots of ways to use this!

  5. I don’t drink alcohol but I bet the taste is wonerful with pomegranate! Pom gives a great natural taste to any drink. Nice touch.

  6. So what did you do with the vodka infused pomegranate arils that you strained out?

    • Great question… ate them! Well, some of them anyway. There were a lot! I think you could leave some in – or add them to a mixed drink.

  7. Pretty! Perfect for Xmas too actually.

  8. Love it! What a great idea!
    My fiance’s parents have a liqour store and we were just discussing the top shelf vs rail vodka, I still don’t like rail vodka though 😉

  9. I’m not for pricey vodka either…however, I do enquire carefully about the different flavours some terrible vodkas can give and ultimately ruin your concoction. I’ve had this happen to me and never forgot it.

    Happy cocktails to come Katie ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  10. This is perfect – absolutely perfect for the holidays and I can’t wait to hear all about your POM dinner party – what fun!

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  11. What a great idea! I a already sold on the color, and prefers that taste to the orange juice one, which I find heavy. This is much better for a drink, especially the holidays.

  12. With 2 ripe pomegranates sitting on my counter right now, I am most curious about your Pomegranate Week! The vodka infusion is gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing what other creations you will serve. Success!

  13. We’ve just harvested our 20 plus pomegranates. I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with them and now here we go. A week with you and vodka…I can think of nothing better!

  14. […] party is not a party without a pink drink, right? I already told you all about our beautiful pomegranate vodka (you can check it out here).  With Eastern European inspired hors d’oeuvres what better than vodka? The sweet, cold […]

  15. […] Only a couple of years ago I thought myself pretty clever for making my own basil vodka and my own pomegranate vodka. But now, in any corner “Packy” (that’s what we New Englanders call a liquor […]

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