Cornmeal Blueberry Waffles

waffles with blueberries

My step-dad makes the most amazing cornmeal pancakes.  They are buttery and bursting with fresh blueberries.  Sometimes, in late summer, he’ll even use the blueberries from the bushes in the backyard. 

blueberriesOn lazy summer weekend mornings he’ll make a batch of batter and cook up a single huge pancake for each of us, one by one, as we wake up.  It’s a wonderfully forgiving batter that holds happily sitting on the countertop for a few hours.  Cooked in more rich, sweet butter than I really want to think about, his pancakes have crisp edges and soft, fluffy interiors.  The crunch of the cornmeal in those crisp edges is what makes Chuck’s pancakes call to me like no other pancakes ever have. 

In an effort to maximize the crispy edges, I revamped Chuck’s pancakes into waffles.  All those divets make for endless crispyness!  And the berries burst through as wonderfully as in the original pancakes.  Plus, I get to use my waffle maker, which always gives me a bit of a kick.  I love getting mileage out of all those appliances tucked away in the back pantry.

blueberry wafflesWith blueberry season upon us, I featured these waffles in my July column for the Dedham Transcript. Simple and just sweet enough, these waffles are great for brunch, but in our house are more often dinner. 

Blueberry Cornmeal Waffles

Serves 6-8

1 cup milk

¾ cup plain yogurt

2 eggs, beaten

5 tablespoons melted butter, cooled

1 ½ cups flour

1 cup yellow cornmeal

3 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch of salt

1 cup fresh blueberries

Butter and maple syrup, for serving

Wisk together the milk, yogurt, eggs and butter in a large bowl. In a separate medium-sized bowl, mix together the dry ingredients. Combine the dry ingredients into the wet and let sit for 15 minutes to allow the cornmeal to soften. Fold in the blueberries. Drop and spread the batter onto a hot greased waffle iron and bake until crisp. Serve with plenty of butter and warmed real maple syrup


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  1. I have never had a waffle with cornmeal but it sounds delicious!

  2. I love cornmeal-infused baked goods…so I know I would absolutely love these. Especially with the blueberries mixed in!

  3. Crispy, delicious and full of anti-oxidants – that cancels out the butter you know ;P

    • Of course! Same with dark chocolate truffles. Love those all-powerful anti-oxidants.

  4. Love the crunch of cornmeal and the fresh blueberries from a bush sound heavenly; I can’t imagine being served this for breakfast: what a wonderful gesture.

  5. I swear I could smell the blueberries and almost taste the crispiness. How nice. I still want a waffle iron. Just have to convince my better half. Maybe I should just buy one…I should.

    • You should! Did you know that you can even make pizza in the waffle iron? I’m not kidding… crunchy, bumpy pizza. Amazing.

      • I think that is a genius idea. Pure genius.

  6. So perfect for a Sunday brunch. The cornmeal really does it for me!

  7. How did you know I’ve been craving waffles?!!! Delicious!

  8. I would really love these for my breakfast now! Yummy!

  9. How fantastic, Katie!! I’ve never made pancakes or waffles with cornmeal, but they would be so hearty and wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 🙂

  10. Katie…I’m certainly storing this recipe away for when I get my waffle maker. Of course, it stands in line after my powerhouse mixer and slow cooker and a little more counter space in our new place one day ;o)
    I adore having waffles…especially with the combo of ingredients you have here.

    BTW…I went to see you Gluten Free post…and I really want to do the orange and chick pea flour recipe…so thank you very much 🙂
    You are such a good friend for having put so much thought into pleasing your celiac friend…it’s not an easy transition…but you helped a lot;o)

    Have a great weekend and flavourful wishes,

  11. What a terrific step-dad! I have blueberries just ripening in the new garden. Sounds like the perfect recipe for them. 🙂

  12. oh wow these look wonderful great recipe thanks for the kind comment about the chicken caccatiore

  13. These would get me up in the morning!

  14. this sounds great, I would love that for my breakfast right now!

  15. I used to make these but not with cornmeal. That is taking it up a step. There is something about cornmeal and the texture that can give some ooph to recipes.

  16. […] Blueberry Cornmeal Waffles […]

  17. These were delicious and very easy to make.
    Only change I used buttermilk for the milk and yogurt. And omitted blueberries. I put them on top after cooking. Yummy
    Thanks again 🙂

  18. Made these the other weekend and loved them – omitted the cinnamon and instead used vanilla and lemon juice, my favorite flavors with blueberries. YUM. We refrigerated leftovers and heated in the toaster during the work week. They were crispy and delicious every time.

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