Cherry-Berry Freezer Jam

strawberries and tea roses

This is a list of things I love:

Berry Picking


Library Books

Hotel Shampoo Bottles

Berry Picking


Hermes Scarfs

Soft-Boiled Eggs

Berry Picking


Colored Tissue Paper


Travel Books

Did I mention that I love berry picking?

strawberry jam

And because I love  berry picking, by mid-summer our kitchen tends to overflow.  I can only eat so much pie and crumble and shortcake.

strawberry jamOk, the limit for shortcake is pretty high. But still… eventually, enough is enough. Especially in swimsuit season.  Which is why I love freezer jam.  Slaving over a hot stove and worrying about botulism are not my favorite pastimes.  But I do adore jam.  And there is nothing better than pulling out a jar in November and tasting summer on my morning toast – or baked in a tart or stirred into oatmeal.

So make jam.  It’s so easy and you know you want to.  Check out my column in the Dedham Transcript, complete with a Strawberry Kiwi Freezer Jam recipe here.  It’s really wonderful stirred into plain yogurt for breakfast. Or make Cherry-Berry Jam and spread it on pound cake.  Yum!


Cherry-Berry Jam

2 cups finely chopped pitted Bing cherries

1 cup chopped fresh strawberries

4 cups sugar

2 tbsp lemon juice

3/4 cup water

1 package powdered pectin (such as Sure-Jell brand)

Mix together the cherries, berries, sugar and lemon juice, stir well and let sit at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk the pectin and water in a small saucepan. Bring the pectin mixture to a boil over high heat. Boil for 30 seconds and then remove from the heat. Pour the pectin mixture over the fruit and stir continuously for two minutes (keep stirring to avoid lumps of pectin in your jam). Transfer the jam to clean freezer-safe jars, leaving plenty of headroom as the jam will expand when it freezes. Put the lids on the jars and let jam sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours to set up. Then store in the freezer for up to 6 months or refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

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  1. Could you please bring me some cherry jam next time? It is my favorite!!

  2. Hello ! Funny post. I love berry picking, too 🙂 actually not only berry picking, mushroom picking as well!
    And home made preserves are so great.
    Take care….!

    • I’ve never picked my own mushrooms. Sounds amazing!

  3. Ohhhh, I love all those things too, sans the Hermes scarf which I’ve never had occasion to try. 🙂

  4. I love berry picking, too! I’m looking forward to blackberry season later in the summer. And I’m really truly going to make jam out of them this year, not just eat them all up!

  5. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. yes, please, try the Ravioli with the Salmon filling. We all loved them and hopefully so will you.
    I also like homemade jam a lot. Yours looks great. Unfortunately Colorado is not known for its Berry growing. I really miss that.
    Let’s visit again soon.

  6. I had no idea jam was so easy! I’ve always wanted to make it!

  7. wow very cool never heard of freezer jam before my Dad makes the best jam

  8. I have to say I’m not much for berry picking because I have a gigantic fear of bees – it’s hard to pick berries when you’re running like heck from those flying monsters LOL; however, I do love making jam and yours looks fabulous. Never thought of combining cherries and strawberries, but I sure will be making it now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • June, you are too funny! I hate bees too, but I’m willing to brave it for fresh berries!

  9. Dear Katie – I did strawberry freezer jam with straw & blue berries but never cherries. The cherries would be such a lovely addition.

    So sorry I have missed so many of your lovely recipe but I’m back! 🙂

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  10. I’ve never made my own jam before, but I’ve always loved it when my friends made it (and I got to eat it!) Maybe it’s time for me to repay the favor with your delicious-looking recipe!

  11. cherry and strawberry…..reaaaaly yummy combo!

  12. What a wonderful combo. This sounds delicious. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  13. I love all the things you love and yes, berry picking too. Problem is I tend to eat myself sick when cherry and berry picking =). Liking the sound of the ease of freezer jam.

  14. Some of the things you love I love too! Like berry picking – especially blueberries. Your berry jam sounds positively delicious! I still haven’t made my own.

  15. hmmm red fruit jam is my favorite! beautiful recipe! nothing better than homemade jam.

  16. cherries and strawberries…yummy combo, I have never tried making jam but freezer jam..there’s hope for me!!ya great post


  17. This jam sounds wonderful; what a great idea to pair strawberries and cherries! Never thought of it.

  18. I feel exactly the same about berry picking…and sailing. Some things just can’t be beat. This looks simple and delicious!

    Thanks for your thoughts on A Spicy Perspective. I’d love to meet your friend–she’s truly one in a million!

  19. I really want to try making my own jam – this looks so good!

  20. This jam sounds too easy to be true. I would love to give it a try. It took me a while to get to the jam though. I stopped for a moment when you mentioned the Hermes scarf and drifted away to France, dreaming of finding the perfect one.

    • Can I drift to France with you? We’ll go on a shopping spree.

  21. I love homemade jam! I used to make this freezer kind with my aunt when I was younger. So tasty!

  22. Oh my God this sounds great! I love home made Jam but have the same fear of Botulism as you. This sounds GREAT! This one is on my list of things to do.

  23. i love strawberries i still remember my last strawberry juice taste , lovely post

    have a great day

  24. I really enjoyed this post. I love jam too. Blueberry picking season starts next month-yeah! I am hoping to make jam.

  25. Ah, I see we have a lot in common. I love berry picking too. I actually have black berries that grow in my back yard, but those plants are full of the most nasty thorns.
    That jam sounds wonderful. I’d love to have that with some scones and cream. Divine.
    *kisses* HH

  26. sounds like a great recipe! thanks for sharing!

  27. I love berry picking as well and soft boiled eggs…yum!! I love the combination of the cherry and strawberry!

  28. Yes, you did. 3 times even. :-)) And I like Hermes scarfs too…but too expensive for me.

    Cherry and strawberry together make a really good summer jam.

  29. This looks delicious and refreshing! I want to eat some on a fresh biscuit sitting on a beautiful front porch.

    But instead, I will just sit in my cubicle and THINK about it! 🙂

  30. some people love the picking of the berries. others love the process of canning them. me? i love the eating part. 🙂

  31. a great taste of summer! homemade jam is on another level. yummmm

  32. Fantastic jam! I can’t wait until I get enough berries to spare that I can start making jams and preserves myself. The season is still young!

  33. […] with Cherry Berry Freezer Jam […]

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